David Leask's recent article on Russian sanctions on UK LPs engaged in wrongdoing (yes, you read that correctly!)



David Leask, who many of you will met as a speaker at our most recent Partnership Forum Conference, has published a really interesting article on Russian (not UK!) sanctions on wrongdoing UK limited partnerships (which are currently the subject of UK reforms proposed in the Economic Crime Bill 2022).

“Since close to the beginning of the century Scottish Limited Partnerships, or SLPs, have been the ghost firms of choice for criminals, corrupt officials and money-launderers around the world.

They are thought to be several thousand of them operating in Russia alone. SLPs were at the heart of that country’s notorious Laundromat, the biggest scheme to clean dirty money ever exposed.

Now they face potentially crippling new restrictions. From from Vladimir Putin, not the British Government.”

Highly recommended read!

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