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The Forum is intended to promote debate on partnership law and the law relating to other business vehicles which provide alternatives to the limited company, including LLPs and, in the US in particular, LLCs; and to develop collaboration between academics researching and teaching in these areas of law. These are important areas of law. For example, in the UK there are over 400,000 business partnerships, while LLPs are now the favoured vehicle for the professional services firms in which many law graduates work. Further, developments in these areas impact directly on (for example) company law and employment law scholarship. It is therefore essential for academics and students to easily be able to access and engage with scholarship in partnership, LLP and LLC law. In particular, the Forum is intended to create a network for the exchange of ideas and networking amongst academics by:

  • furthering research into partnership, LLP and LLC law by providing a forum for debate among academics in this area;
  • fostering collaboration among academics in the UK and overseas, including colleagues whose interests lie in potentially connected areas such as company, employment, tax and commercial law,
  • fostering collaboration between academics and practitioners writing in these areas;
  • sharing and disseminating developments in the law and current research to academics, students, practitioners and users of partnership and LLP vehicles;
  • sharing and disseminating best practice in the teaching of partnership, LLP and LLC law, in order to enhance the status of these subject areas and maintain subject currency and rigour.




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