Attention all Forum members!

I'd also like to advertise publications by speakers and indeed other members of the Partnership, LLP and LLC Law Forum at our forthcoming conference on 10 January 2019 - I hope to have a table with copies of books and possibly journal articles and flyers for forthcoming books. Ditto information about forthcoming events and publications in related fields (eg company law, tax law, accountancy, business studies, economic theory etc) and in the UK or elsewhere.

If there is anything you would like to be made available on the day for members and other delegates to peruse, please let me know - including journal articles, which can often be poorly advertised or difficult to obtain. 

Many of you will already be familiar with each other's works - but we endeavour to make the Forum as inclusive as possible and so have members (and conference delegates) from a wide area of expertise, and I think it would be nice to showcase what Forum members do and help to exchange knowledge resources.

Please feel free to give me the appropriate journal citation/URL and I will print a copy off for the display table, or publication details and I will contact the publisher.

Thank you!

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Second Annual Conference of the Partnership, LLP and LLC Law Forum 10 January 2019

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