Conference Programme

Inaugural conference of the Partnership, LLP and LLC Law Academic Forum

5 April 2018

Nottingham Trent University, UK


9.30-10am - Registration and coffee

10-10.10am - Welcome  

Elspeth Berry, Reader in Law, Nottingham Trent University, UK

10.10-11.10am - Session 1: current legal issues for partnerships and LLPs in the UK – Part 1

Legal Problems Associated with the Identification of Partnerships - David Milman, Professor of Law, University of Lancaster, UK

The Moral Hazard of Limited Liability? An Empirical Study of Scottish Legal LLPs - Jonathan Hardman, Honorary Lecturer, University of Glasgow, UK and Solicitor, Dickson Minto, Edinburgh

11.10-11.30 – coffee

11.30am-12.30pm - Session 2: current legal issues for partnerships and LLPs in the UK – Part 2

Why can’t a partner be an employee? - Geoffrey Morse, Professor of Law, University of Birmingham, UK

A comparative perspective: the validity of protecting directors as employees - Jason Ellis, Senior Lecturer in law, Nottingham Trent University

12.30—1.30pm – lunch

1.30-2.30pm - Session 3: partnerships, LLPs and LLCs in other common law jurisdictions

Contribution-Default Remedies of LLCs and Partnerships tbc - Brad Borden, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School, USA

New Partnership Structures: Distribution Flexibility and Tax Flow-Through - Brett Freudenberg, Associate Professor of Law, Griffith University, Australia

2.30-2.50pm – coffee

2.50-3.50pm - Session 4: partnerships, LLPs [and LLCs] in in civil law jurisdictions

Legal problems in Italian partnerships – Marco Speranzin, Professor of Law, University of Padua, Italy

Partnership law in the Netherlands: new proposals - Iris Wuisman, Professor of Law, University of Leiden, Netherlands

3.50-4.30pm - round table discussion

Issues arising from papers, and the future of the Forum and associated website

4.30pm – closing remarks and thanks



This conference is generously supported by the Society of Legal Scholars and Nottingham Law School.




Inaugural Conference of the Partnership, LLP and LLC Law Academic Forum

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